1. Is the parapente dangerous?
  2. Is it possible to fly without wind?
  3. If we are flying and does wind go away, what happens?
  4. Has the instructor a license?
  5. Can we fly longer on the Green Coast?
  6. During the flight am I going to feel dizziness or fall?
  7. There is any age limitations to make a tandem flight?
  8. How Iam going to get my pilot license after the course?
  9. What is the APVL?
  10. Which is the best time of the year to make a Tandem Flight?
  11. Can I take my camera during the Tandem Flight?
  12. If during the flight I want to land before the time, can we do it?
  13. In what currency can I pay?
  14. Where the park of the Paragliding?


  1. Though the Paragliding is considered to be an adventure and implies certain risk, we can say that it is not dangerous, the dangerous thing is to fly with someone who does not know and who does not have the experience necessary to fly it. In case of the flights, you will fly with an instructor who has many years of experience, with which you will be very safe.
  2. Not, the paragliding cannot fly without sufficient wind in order that it rises. In case of the Green Coast, it is the wind that comes from the sea that hit with the cliff and rises creating an ascending current that supports the Paradliding flying. In case of the flights in Pachacamac it is the Sun that warms the valley and generates the currents of warm air that rise, supporting the Paradliding in the air.
  3. Nothing happens since the Paradliding is a device designed to fly, for this reason if the wind goes away, the Paradliding descends softly and the pilot directs it to land in one of the alternate landing zones, which they are very wide and safe.
  4. Yes, the instructor is a pilot with many years of experience and relies on a license issued by the Peruvian Free Flight Association (APVL). This license is very difficult to possess since the requirements for his obtaining are very strict.
  5. Yes, but they can be done out of Miraflores’s district, because in this district, the municipality regulation allows the flight to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  6. Not, the flight in paradliding is very calm, in general before coming to the cliff already these rising and this sensation of flying is very agreeable. It is normal that you feel certain fear before realizing the flight, but this sensation disappears within a few seconds when you realize that there is not feeling of fallen or dizziness.
  7. The age range by local regulations is betwenn 5 and 69 years old.
  8. Having finished your course you will have the necessary certification to obtain the Student Pilot License. With this license you will receive also your flight book in which you will have to write down every flight that you realize and the time of the same ones, this book always will be signed by the instructor responsible for the flight that you have realized. On having completed 50 hours annotated in your flight book, you will be able to proceed with your Pilots License with the Peruvian Free Flight Association (APVL).
  9. The Peruvian Free Flight Association or APVL, is the only institution authorized by the Aeronautical international Federation (FAI), to regulate the sport and to issue the licenses of flight in Paradliding and Hang Gliding in PerĂº.
  10. To do the flights on the Green Coast the best season is in the Winter – spring (June – November) and is in the Summer – autumn (December – May) that realize better the flights in the valley of Pachacamac.
  11. Not because you can´t fly holding something in your hands. But We will record all your flight, using a HD camera with fish eye lens.
  12. Yes, certainly, if for any reason you want to land then we will do it immediately. Our intention is that you have an agreeable and pleasant experience.
  13. We accept Soles, Dollars and Euros. For the moment we do not accept credit cards but soon we will have this facility.
  14. The park of the Paradliding in Miraflores is the park Antonio Raymondi which is at the right side of the park of the Love, in the zone of the cliffs.